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Photo Manager 4.0

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In the digital world of today an old fashion photo album (or a shoe box) is not enough to keep our memories safe and organized. Modern digital photography makes taking pictures easier then ever, storage becomes cheaper every day. While this is a good news for us because it enables us to "capture a moment" and save them to cherish, share and relive them over and over without fading. To get some perspective on the shear volume of created photos, consider this - in 2012 every 2 minutes we took as many pictures as people took through the entire 19th century. This ability however comes with a downside, we take so many pictures that organizing and managing them can become a time consuming and complicated task. At times we could feel overwhelmed with the volume and this fact alone can stop us from organizing our pictures all together. Another aspect of digital photography and digital media in general is the fact that if stored in only one physical location it makes it vulnerable. Digital storage can relatively easily get damaged or destroyed and if that happens all of our photos could get wiped out forever. To help you stay organized and avoid losing your digital memories we at Custom DataWorks came up with this idea - Lets create a program that:

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Is affordable - $10 -$20 (for a "digital assets house cleaning" you can use it once and not break the bank doing it).
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Is easy to use - No learning curve, so any user can start using the moment it is installed.
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Requires minimal user effort - Organize, copy and synchronize all photos with minimum user interaction.
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Helps to create and manage backups - Application should enable users to easily create and manage digital photo backups.

With those basic requirements in mind we developed our picManager 3.0 (Now two years old Photo Manager 4.0 predecessor). For the design our new Photo Manager 4.0 all of the original design goals had to stay true, but with the technology and users' knowledge changing we needed to consider some more factors to help them to take the advantage of all the features of the digital photography. We redesigned our GUI, added extended support for the photo metadata (EXIF data - Wikipedia). We also added watermarking/branding capability (You can even use metadata for watermarking). New in the current release is "Sharing Wizard" enabling users to share their photos safely (remove GPS or all EXIF data) and easily, resize and watermark your pictures before you share them without ever modifying your originals. If you are a Twitter user you might find interesting our "Photo Twitting Wizard", with your existing Twitter account, share any photo without worrying about 3MB limit or image compatibility, add text on your photo and share it as a tweet right from the Photo Manager. As we release our Photo Manager 4.0 we hope that we will be able to save you some time organizing your pictures and that you can use that extra time to look for this "perfect shot" knowing that your photos stay safe and organized for you to enjoy them for years to come. If you are still not convinced, try Photo Manager for free .
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Video Tutorials (Please Watch In Full-Screen Mode)
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Defaults Configuration - One Click Synchronization
Photo Manager had been designed as a time saving organizer tool. To achieve that we enabled users to configure default settings (File Source, Target Folder, Title, Author, Watermark and more) in such a way that every time they want to archive new photos they can do it with just a single mouse click. To see some of the available default settings please click a screenshot thumbnail below.

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Watermarking - Branding
Whether you want to add you signature, copyright notice, custom text or even the photo details from its EXIF record (Title, Author, Camera Information etc) Photo Manager makes watermarking very easy. Our new "Watermarking Wizard" just select an existing graphic file to be used as a watermark or create a text overlay dynamically by typing the text and/or by using a "macro" to retrieve the content of selected metadata information. For a quick preview look at screenshots of the "Watermarking Wizard" and some watermark samples by clicking on thumbnails below.

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Sharing Wizard
If you plan to share your photos with family, friends, clients or with a general public on the Internet you might want to modify them before you do so. Photo Manager can simplify this job by processing all selected (checked) files as a batch and store them in a folder of you choice. Some of the options for the batch sharing are: Watermark, Size Reduction, Portrait Rotation Correction (JPEG images only), GPS/EXIF data removal.
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Tweet Photo Wizard
For those users that would like to share their photos on Twitter we build in Twitter API support (v. 1.1). You can connect Photo Manager to your Twitter account and post photos with tweets directly from the Photo Manager without ever going to the Twitter web site. Also since Twitter accepts only PNG and JPEG files if you want to post TIFF, BMP or WMF they will be automatically converted to a compatible format. In addition any file that would violate Twitter's 3MB file size limit will be automatically reduced in size to be accepted by Twitter's upload. Before posting your photo you also have an option to apply watermarks and remove GPS/EXIF information. See the Tweet Photo Wizard screenshot below.

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More ...
For a cplete list of Photo Manager's features please download the User's Manual.

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Intel® 1.6GHz or faster processor (>2GHz strongly recommended)
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Operating System
Photo Manager 4.0 had been designed and tested on Windows 7 (64bit) and we strongly recommend installing it on Windows 7 or Windows 8. Other supported operating systems are: Microsoft® Windows XP® Home, Professional with Service Pack 3 (32bit) or Service Pack 2 (64bit); Windows Server® 2003 (with Service Pack 2 for 64bit; Windows Server® 2008 (32 bit and 64bit); Windows Server® 2008 R2 (32bit and 64bit); Windows Vista® Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 2 (32bit and 64bit)
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1GB (2GB for 64bit operating systems) of RAM, 2GB (4GB - 64bit) recommended.
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Screen Resolution
Minimum screen resolution 1024x768
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10 day TRIAL: FREE
Full license: $14.95
Please download and install a TRIAL (DEMO) version before buying a license. Once the Photo Manager is installed on your computer, purchase your license and use 'Registration Wizard' to complete the license key activation.
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